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Movie similar helps you to discover more movie/TV show similar to the movie/TV show you like easily. Each time you and your friends/ your family spend time watching a movie/ TV show together, there is no time consuming to find a movie like a movie you have already watched.

Or if you simply want to find a crime or romance movie, we will give you the recommendation. We also continuously update to bring you the new movie and TV show.

Happy watching!

How Movie similar works?

With a huge data of movie and TV show, you can easily choose the next movie to watch by fill in our search query:

1. Similar to your favorite film/TV show name.

Then a sorted list will appear and you can choose your similar film/TV show base on:

  • The story/ the plot
  • The actor
  • The film genre

2. Search by keywords

Moreover, you can also choose a movie base on the subject that appears in your mind or search by film genre. Put your keywords in the search query to find out your next movie!

Our recommendation tools will generate a list of the relevant movie, now you can pick up a movie you like from the list.

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